User-Generated Content and Your Business

March 31, 2007

Whether you realize it or not, user-generated content impacts your business.

For that matter, user-generated content has reached the point where it is a business — hence, our tagline.

User-Generated Nation will examine the business of user-generated content, and by extension, the impact of user-generated content on business in general.

In our view, user-generated content spans several categories, including blogging, ratings & reviews, social networking, usertainment (user-generated entertainment) and usertising (think back to the Super Bowl).

Internet video is a category all its own, while also asserting itself on each of the other categories.

There’s also the matter of usersumers — consumers who generate content, and who are exerting important new influences on the consumer market as a result.

A companion book, User-Generated Nation: How to Do Business When the Consumer Is in Control, is forthcoming (see book page).