In Search of Thought Leaders

Over at sister blog Usertainment Watch, I received an email praising me for being a “thought leader in the video blog world.”

Though the sender likely was trying to butter me up in hopes I’d give a client some exposure, his comment actually was reasonably accurate — though as much by default as anything else.

Seems to me that user-generated content is in need of more “thought leadership.” By that, I mean flag-bearers who gain large blog followings, present at conferences, appear on business cable channels and so forth.

But several candidates are just about there.

I’d count Jonathan Carson, CEO at Nielsen BuzzMetrics (blog: Mouthpiece), among them. Also Jeff Jarvis, who’s offered some helpful insights on UGC’s impact on media at BuzzMachine.

Others are Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing, and Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of Citizen Marketers.  

And though Federated Media’s John Battelle hasn’t weighed in yet, odds are he will.

The problem with most of these candidates is that their focus isn’t on user-generated content per se, but rather on aspects of it, or relationships to it. 

I’d be interested in your thoughts — on UGC thought leadership.


One Response to In Search of Thought Leaders

  1. Thanks for the nice mention Lester. Some others who i think have a lot of interesting thing to say about UGC/CGM/Social Media: Pete Blackshaw (my colleague,; Max Kalehoff (again, my colleague,, Dave Balter (, Scott Karp (, and Gary Stein (

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