One-to-One: A Powerful Blogging Secret, Revealed

Here’s something extremely powerful about blogs that most people don’t know: The blog is the perfect one-to-one marketing device. If you start a blog, you can get just about anyone to read it, pay attention to it, and even respond to it with a personal email.

I’ve started two blogs, and in both cases, I’ve been amazed at how seriously they’ve been taken, right from Day One.

For example, soon after launching them, I sent links to my blogs to a handful of prominent CEOs I’d never met. At the time, practically no one had read the blogs — they were simply too new. One of them had racked up a grand total of 30 views over its brief life up to that point. Yet, I received personal replies from several of those targeted CEOs almost immediately.

A combination of factors makes this kind of response possible: First, free or low-cost tools like TypePad and WordPress make any blog, even by a complete publishing novice, look professional. Second, it’s very difficult for readers to tell a tiny blog from very large and influential ones. Third, it’s easy to create a blog that has strong appeal to very specific audience segments — even, should one so choose, to a handful of highly influential individuals.

Oh, and one more thing — you can give a blog mention to the person(s) or group(s) you want to elicit a response from. This greatly amplifies the three factors cited above — sort of like the difference between just opening a soda and shaking it first.     

The takeaway is that you can send personal emails to highly placed executives all day long and get nowhere: But create a blog appealing to that person’s specific interest, and you’re no longer just you — you’re “the media.” 


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