Make Your Video Contest Stand Out

Video contests are popular, but they’re beginning to run together.

The reason is that marketers have fallen into a rut. Right now, the process is: Think of a theme, determine a venue, come up with a budget for prizes, and launch the contest by inviting amateur producers to enter. Yawn.

What is lacking is over-the-top creativity and ingenuity that will boost a given contest into viral mode or mainstream media.

Contest sponsors must be bolder in seeking to make their contests stand out. For example, since perceived danger is an evergreen hook, the next wave of contests likely will be more adventuresome and “extreme.”

Contest sponsors should push the edge in other ways as well, with catchy variations on themes like “biggest,” “most,” “wackiest” and so on — think the video equivalent of a hotdog-eating contest with both hands tied behind your back while tuxedoed waiters yodel in the background. In other words, something CNN might run.


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