If You’re Looking for Contest Indicators, Here’s One

February’s Super Bowl provided the first real indicator for the effectiveness of video contests and usertising (user-generated advertising). The metrics, as reported at sister blog Usertainment Watch, were largely positive.

But there’s a problem: Those measurements apply only to the performance of video contests in a single venue, the Super Bowl. Given its frenzied audience and extended buildup, the big game may in fact be a terrible indicator of how a campaign or ad format might behave in more ordinary circumstances.

Various marketers have been running video contests since then, but one in particular stands out. I’d suggest keeping tabs on the current TopThisTV contest sponsored by Heinz. Why? Because Heinz is spending a lot of money, plastering ads on YouTube and even running a full-page spot in The New York Times this week.

We’re early in the knowledge curve when it comes to video contests and usertising. So when something like this comes along, it pays to keep a close eye on the outcome.

Marketers who are planning to launch video contests in upcoming months can learn a lot, and align their strategies and budgets accordingly, based on how the Heinz contest plays out.


One Response to If You’re Looking for Contest Indicators, Here’s One

  1. deltadj says:

    yea and im going to win the heinz commercial contest i have the new heinz jingle that will blow all other entrys out of the water. check it out look for and to hear more from me delta dj


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