Is Vidmetrix Your Next Key Metrics Source?

Marketers definitely should check out Vidmeter’s new video analytics service, Vidmetrix.

Vidmeter/Vidmetrix intends to be a “go-to” source for marketing metrics on Internet video, and it’s showing strong progress toward achieving that goal. Though he launched Vidmeter just a few months ago, founder Bri Holt brings relevant expertise to the task and he and his team are building it out quickly.

Vidmetrix, Vidmeter’s new service, “is designed for marketing firms to track their online video campaigns, see how much exposure they’re getting, and see consumer feedback,” Holt says.

That means tracking views and comments across 44 (“and counting”) video sites, and generating a rich suite of reports and tracking. Vidmetrix also enables tracking videos hosted at a business’s own site, and for integrating that data with activity from distributed channels (YouTube, etc.).

Needless to say, tracking and metrics that can bring visibility to the rather chaotic world of online video is invaluable to marketers. If you haven’t done so yet, check out Vidmetrix.


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