What It Feels Like to Be “Top Rated” at YouTube

April 7, 2007

I now know what it feels like to be “top rated” at YouTube.

It is helpful to experience this sensation first hand, if one wants to understand the impact of user-generated content on consumers, and on the entertainment industry in particular.  

Consumers who watched Hollywood’s offerings passively for nearly a century now have the power to create and post their own usertainment (user-generated entertainment). Just about anyone, it seems, can become a usertainer with a shot at YouTube fame.

Now, I know what that feels like. “What GPS Thinks,” which I wrote and produced in collaboration with “viral video genius” Kevin Nalty, was posted to YouTube yesterday, and it’s featured on today’s “Top Rated” page. It had accumulated almost 10,000 views the last time I checked.  

Somehow, it’s a bit more gratifying than watching another episode of “CSI.”